Public Speaking

Ellen Thornthwaite - Public Speaking

Ellen Thornthwaite is a passionate member of the Finance community and enjoys the opportunity to educate and inspire those around her. With over a decade of experience within the industry, Ellen is recognised as a rising star and outstanding young entrepreneur.

As a young woman, business owner, and mother Ellen is fascinated by the role of women in the Finance industry and exploring the experiences young women face entering and thriving in the industry. She is dedicated to supporting other women to reap the benefits that the Finance industry can give, such as financial empowerment and flexibility with work/life balance.

Ellen is a major supporter of all women taking control of their personal finances to gain financial independence. Ellen dives into the imbalances and barriers faced by women and the risks of the domino effect as women near retirement age.

Ellen Thornthwaite has designed her business, Feel Good Financial Services, as a modern-day business with a sustainable approach – her unique ‘Feel Good Philosophy’. Ellen talks about the benefits of sustainable-by-design business, the concept of ‘treading lightly’, and the value of giving back to the community.

Ellen is available for comment to media, and can be booked for workshops or public speaking events.

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