What is a Valuation?

A valuation is an independent report of the value of a property, and may include some commentary regarding the condition or features. It is used by the bank to determine whether the property is acceptable to them, and how much they will lend against it. Your Broker, or the bank, will order a valuation when you

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5 Habits to level up your savings

Wanna know 5 habits to level up your savings? Saving is hard. Especially in this economy. But saving is important. Especially in this economy. If you know what needs to be done but you’re having trouble making it happen, maybe these 5 tips will help! 1. Start at the end. What is your goal? What are

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Offset vs Redraw – Which is better?

Offset vs. Redraw​ If you’ve had a home loan, you’ve researched online, or perhaps been given some great backyard BBQ advice from Uncle Bob, it’s likely you’ve heard of an Offset and maybe even Redraw. Whilst you may be familiar with the terms, it’s less common to fully understand how they work and the pros

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Values-Based Finance

Values-Based Finance Principles   Finance is often viewed as sitting somewhere on a scale between ‘icky necessity’ and ‘root of all evil’. It’s easy to see why. Throughout modern history we’ve seen the wealthy divide grow, and pressure on the lower class mount. Australia’s financial literacy in schools is an embarrassment, and often parents can

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Deciphering the Code: A First Home Buyer’s Guide

The world of finance can be a confusing place. There’s lots of big decisions to make, and a lot to learn.  Working with a Broker is one sure fire way to ease that fear. We’ve got years of experience handling these matters, and can guide you step by step and teach you along the way. 

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One simple trick that could save you thousands

Paying off your home loan faster is a great idea, but it’s hard to get excited about such a long-term goal.  If you took out your loan over 30 years and you’re chipping away at it, good on you! But I’m going to show you an example of why this simple little trick is worth

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