Interest Only Loans

Interest Only Loans   For decades, Australian property investors have relied on Interest Only loans. What is an Interest Only loan, and why have they been the preference for investors? Loans usually have two repayment options, Principal and Interest (P&I), or Interest Only (IO). P&I repayments are calculated to ensure that you pay off the

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Buying at Auction in NSW

Auctions can be action-packed and overwhelming, so it’s important that you are comfortable with your finances and understand the potential risks involved. It is highly recommended that you have a strong pre-approval in place prior to purchasing at auction, as the winning bidder is immediately expected to exchange contracts without any cooling off period. HOT

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Borrowing Power and Purchasing Power: What you need to know before house hunting

You wouldn’t shop for groceries without knowing how much you had in your wallet or bank account, so why would you shop for a property without knowing your numbers? There are two main concepts that you need to understand before looking for a home or investment property; Your borrowing power and your purchase power. Your

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What is a Valuation?

A valuation is an independent report of the value of a property, and may include some commentary regarding the condition or features. It is used by the bank to determine whether the property is acceptable to them, and how much they will lend against it. Your Broker, or the bank, will order a valuation when you

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